Setup School App

Renraccoon is the perfect tool for keeping students, parents & teachers communicating easily. The app was created from the ground up with international schools to make life easier for schools, parents and teachers.

To get started you need to log into your schools web. You can do this from any browser on a laptop, desktop or ipad.

Setting Up the School

Define your school year

Go to Menu > School Management > Academic Year. Click on “Add Academic Year”, give your year a name (ie: 2019 - 2020) and select which days your school is closed. After completion save this.

Create some rooms within the school

Go to Menu > School Management > Rooms. Click on “Add Room” and enter the name for each room you have in the school.

Add some classNamees

The next step is to add some classNamees that will be added to the rooms. Go to Menu > classNamees and click on “Add className”. From here you can enter the className information. Fill in all of the information for the className and save it. You can add as many classNamees as you wish.

Add students to the schools system

Finally you need to add students to the schools system. Go to Menu > Students and click on “Add Student”. Fill in the students information including the students first and last name in Furigana and English. You can register that student to a className here if you want.

Do this for all students entering into the schools system.

Connect the students or their parents to the mobile app

After the students are entered you need to connect the students or their parents to the mobile app. Each student has an individual 8 letter code. Go to Menu > Students and click the “View” button on the student you want to connect to an app. At the bottom of the students information is a QR code and the students 8 digit code. Click on “Download PDF” to download an easily printable, named, PDF version of the QR code to be given to parents.

Your school is now ready to begin using Renraccoon!

On the PDF is directions on how to signup using the mobile app and get connected to the student.

Your school is now ready to begin using Renraccoon! Happy School! Happy Life!

Frequent Questions

Do you have some questions ? Find answers in our FAQ.

  • 1.

    Can more than one guardian be connected to a student?

    Yes of course. Simply have the second (or third??) guardian download the mobile app and use the students individual 8 digit Invite Code to register. Voila!

  • 2.

    Can Renraccoon staff help me get my school setup?

    Yes Renraccoon staff will be more than happy to help you get your school setup! Please contact them here.

  • 3.

    What to do if i have more than one school?

    Renraccoon will provide you with login information catered to each individual school. In this way you can keep on top of how each facility is doing.

  • 4.

    Can I request features?

    Yes of course! We are continually improving upon Renraccon and working to serve you best. Please feel free to contact us!